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Other products are; 

Software, Design, & Site Development | Bold and innovative creations is one of the many strengths of TEAM MAPITO. New applications for both online and in (3D)printed materials we use regularly. Leading in technology is our motto. All devices are very important in this fast paced market. That’s why we respond to the current demand to make a proper creation for each platform. Print, web, mobile, tablet, TV or Event, no problem for us! 

Graphic Design | We work from the wishes of our customers wherby your personal contribution is certainly welcome. Together we continue to work out these ideas with our own creativity. Confident, very short lines, fast switching! 

Imagemakers | Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Communication is the power of image unmistakable. That is why photography – in any application – is the centre of our company. Among our photographers are specialists in many fields, from automotive and fashion to food and consumer photography, shop e-commerce. With such experts to plan and execute an assignment easier. A one-time location shoot for a niche brand or variety of products for a weekly flyer; everything is possible and every job will be completed quickly and reliably. 

3D | An interactive space, office, home, apartment, in full 3D. This (HTML5, WebGL) interactive application is possible both on computer, tablet and smartphone (gyroscope ..!) Space available in full 3D. So it is possible to click through a space to another space by means hotspots. TEAM MAPITO have access and knowledge about this 3D & HTML5 software.

Social Media | For each medium, a solution. 


• Branding filmmaking & photography
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• Animation ·
• 3D Logo design ·
• Corporate films ·
• Car platform ·
• Daylight Studio ·
• Docu ·
• Fashion/Editorial & Celebs ·
• Food · (chocolate, coffee, ice cream)
• Facebook App / Games ·
• Locations ·




• Marine professionals, Yachtbroker & Sea safari
• Kanoglijgoot Pilot Project Stuwdam Aa of Weerijs




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