Q- What are the costs for editing a promo film/video?

A-  Everyone is different so we approach each project differently. 
We make projects with a lot of love, because we want to continue doing more projects that also has it’s price.
 Plan & Solutions !


Q- What are the costs for a photo shoot on location?

A-   Working with crazy directors, agencies, clients and brands with guts. In todays online media industry, time is always an issue. Pre Production and Planning; casting/wardrobe and styling, location costs per category – models and buy outs & rights are negotiable all according to clients POS usage/medium and before bringing your product to market.
Ask for a Quote !

Q- What are the costs for a promo video shot on location?

A-   Every product or project is unique.
We make your communication personal and unique.
Best for Marketeers & Lead Generation Companies
 we bring the to market Inquire !

Q- Do you also handle Post Production?

A-   Yes, our hero artists Hans & Harold both create everything into magic based on the script or scenario for a complete storytelling, within your budget and on time!


Q- I am looking for a location in Milan, Italy but also in 5 other cities in Northern Europe. Can you help?

A-  Great! We cover the world with our team and in Europe we have the largest product range locations.

Q- I am looking for a freelance interim or event- and projectmanager


A-  Nothing is too crazy for us. We tailor-make everything.
Dare to ask. We think in possibilities. Events • Exhibition • Campaign • Congress • Fashion Show • Business • Lifestyle Sports. We are here to help you.
Let’s talk

Q- We have an international event and need a supervising location manager and projectmanager


A-  Knowledge and information within the company. Operations Dep will come with possibilities and solutions for your next project. Roadshow • Event • B2B Campaign •  Lifestyle Sports. We are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to Contact US

Q- I am looking for an expedition vessel/ship. Can you help?


A-  Certainly, We can assist you in your search for an expedition vessel or ship. Our profound maritime expertise, real-time dashboard capabilities and short direct lines for charter, Arctic or Antarctic. Let’s initiate a conversation and explore the boundless opportunities together Get in touch.


Q- What is the difference between MAPITO and TEAM MAPITO?


A-   MAPITO our global location library is a KEY product, for tv-commercials and events. For online marketing and today’s social content we have more in our Menu. Therefore we have extended our products in combined power by TEAM MAPITO.

Q- I am looking for an awesome winter landscape with snow for an automotive tv-commercial or event.

A-  Cool! We start processing data after we have received your Strategy and Roadmap an agreement and our team LS/LM will climb the mountains, one in the West and one starts in the East and we present pictures around lunch time, straight into your personal Clients Project folder with our App on the Go!

Q- Can I find a location by keyword?

A-   Yes, you can type ‘multiple’ keywords in the search field. Our library is constantly updated with awesome new locations and organized in the many different Categories and Folders and 43 countries, full of top creative lay-outs and ideas for storytelling your product.

Q- I need an experienced location manager and international location research for potential film locations

A-   No worries, we are here to help you with market info, industry, companies & products, analysis, investigation, datasheet resources & surveys.
A supervising location manager is a film and television professional who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of location scouting, management, and coordination for a production. This includes researching potential filming locations, negotiating agreements with property owners, and ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals are in place. The supervising location manager also works closely with other members of the production team, such as the director, art department, and logistics crew, to ensure that the chosen locations meet the requirements of the script and production schedule. A worldwide supervising location manager would be responsible for managing location-related tasks for productions that take place in multiple countries or regions.

Q- I need an interior location

A-   Our huge location library is open but exclusive interiors are set private, ‘locked’ due to privacy policy with respect to our location stakeholders available upon request for premium clients.

Q- Want kind of locations can we rent?

A-   MAPITO Data and locations are for creative professionals, (AD)director’s, producers working in the film and television, tv-commercials, videoclip or stills advertising photography. MAPITO database also holds locations for your next event venue, (automotive) product presentations like; deserts, quarries, mansions, villa’s, proving grounds, horse stallions & much more.

Q- What are the costs of hiring a location?

A-   Location costs varies per venue and/or category – A B or C event permit is always required for organizing large-scale or high-risk events. Application prpcessing time after placement ±12 weeks.

MAPITO Budget – Comfort – Premium Ask for a Quote !
NOTE: we always recommend a technical recce and a location check. Please Check In using our Inquiry form and sent your brief, script or senario and time schedule in order to get a good profile of your project.

Health and Safety Plan – HSE?

A-  Time for a change! Operations specifications.
Our team LM operates with certified Safety Officers on sets. This is our DNA for a Collaborative System for Production Management
. Collecting information about the site with an Advanced Care Planning and Risk analyse (policybook) and existing tools. Better assessments and better outcomes. #HSO

Must I carry out an RI&E

A-  Probably
A Risk Assessment & Evaluation (RI&E) has been mandatory for all employers with any staff since 1 January 1994. A mandatory part of the RI&E is the Action Plan. Both obligations are prescribed in Section 5 of the Dutch Working Conditions Act (Arbowet).

The flow chart “Must I carry out an RI&E” in the info flyer “What you everybody should know about the RI&E” will help you decide whether you are obliged to carry out an RI&E in accordance with the Dutch Working Conditions Act.

Q- POST COVID-19 Can you help?

A-  Our team continues monitoring the latest film and event protocols, rules and guidelines from the National Institutes for Public Health and the Environment, per country, per district & region with our hubs in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Norway and Holland.
Contact your personal hero for the latest updates. We always like to help you and your project or brand with the organic worldwide movement for a safe and solid secured standard set, for professionals and brands with guts. Helping you and manage health and safety in your project. #ALL-In-One Safe

Q- What should I do if I cannot find what I am looking for?

A-   Sometimes not yet all (new) locations are yet processed and available online due to tagging, Contact us ! 95% chance we have your location in our library. NOTE we always recommend a recce. This upon request and after you have registrated with us, please use Check In.

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