Partnering with top engineers for high end live streaming software development, experienced production crews, designers, data & location consultancy. We actively embrace collaboration with the focus for creating state of the art digital video delivery.


Syndicating Streams

Software that allows production crews to simultaneously stream to numerous other video streaming platforms allowing content to be broadcast on multiple streaming sites increasing the viewership of live streams. Our scheduling software begins broadcasting automatically to each platform from a single upload. Curate your broadcast to incorporate a combination of both live and pre-recorded content to be playing out to multiple viewing audiences.

We like to term it as ‘Middle Ware’ – An encoder uploads to our servers. We then encode logos or graphics on top of the video in the cloud and then distribute to all the relevant video platforms, multiple Facebook Fan Pages or play out to our own. If there are upload outages (like the connection drops at the venue, or there are power cuts, etc) we can encode holding images in the output distributions, or play b-roll, etc. In essence we can deliver syndicated content for various brands/artists/events to multiple destinations from a single upload.











A Digital Creative Agency building next generation products to inspire the world. We create content that matters, strongly committed to working with those on all sides of content worldwide and with a personal approach for the entertainment & advertsing industry and for companies with guts only!


• Branding filmmaking & photography
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• 3D Logo design ·
• Corporate films ·
• Car platform ·
• Daylight Studio ·
• Docu ·
• Fashion/Editorial & Celebs ·
• Food · (chocolate, coffee, ice cream)
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• Marine professionals, yachtbroker & Whale Sea safari cruises
• Kanoglijgoot Pilot Project Stuwdam Aa of Weerijs

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